Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships Wales

Here at NDGTA, we have over 55 years of combined experience as specialists in the management and execution of mechanical engineering apprenticeship programs across the Wales region. We take immense pride in the valuable services we provide, and always go above and beyond to match potential clients with the right mechanical engineering apprenticeships.

With a wealth of combined industry experience, skill and dedication, our team of specialists work tirelessly to provide credible apprenticeship courses for individuals across Wales who are looking for a new career change. Whether you are completely new to the industry, and are looking to learn a valuable new skill, we here at NDGTA have got you covered.

Finding A Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

If you’re passionate about the industry, or even just looking for a career change, mechanical engineering apprenticeships are exceptional for equipping you with a valuable skill for life. Get paid while you learn and develop lasting skills for life with NDGTA Wales.
To find out more information about our apprenticeships, check out our dedicated Find An Apprenticeship page.

Hiring A Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

At NDGTA, we match businesses of any size and calibre with their ideal apprenticeship candidates, and go to great lengths to ensure that our apprenticeship hire service is seamless and as straightforward as possible. Designed specifically around your business’s unique needs, apprenticeships are an excellent way to expand your workforce, whilst still ensuring your new apprentice is receiving all of the necessary support, training and information they need.

To find out more information about hiring an apprentice for your business, please check out our dedicated Hire An Apprentice page.

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If you’re interested in our expert mechanical engineering apprenticeships in Wales, or have any questions or queries regarding our services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we are always happy to help.


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