Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship

Electrical engineering is a popular branch of engineering that deals with electronics and electrically powered devices. The field offers wide career opportunities with application in various sectors, including but not limited to the Electronics Industry, Automotive Industry, Defence Industry and Oil and Gas Industry.

For aspiring candidates, an electrical engineering apprenticeship at NDGTA could be a gateway to better opportunities in the future. Our programme is designed to equip you with real-life experiences and knowledge. Our training offers holistic development in all areas of electrical engineering, and design, development and management of systems are our key areas of focus.

During the apprenticeship course, you will work in partnerships with various corporations specialising in different aspects of electrical engineering. Integrated circuits, scientific computing, signal processing, electromagnetic energy and robotics are the five key areas you will be exposed to.

However, skill enhancement and scope of learning depend on the corporation you work under and the project objectives.

Apprenticeship Wales

Finding well-paid jobs is extremely challenging in today’s economy. If you are an electrical engineering student looking for growth opportunities, an apprenticeship can be the right step towards financial independence.

Apprenticeships are designed to provide guidance and hands-on experience with both practical and short theory classes. You don’t need to go the extra mile to find learning opportunities.

But most importantly, apprenticeships introduce you to the real world and allow you to carve your way through securely. From owning independent projects to fostering a sense of accomplishment, our apprenticeship provides holistic professional development. If this sounds like something you wish to be a part of, check out the electric engineering apprenticeship in Wales at NDGTA.


If you’re passionate about the industry, or even just looking for a career change, electrical engineering apprenticeships are exceptional for equipping you with a valuable skill for life. Get paid while you learn and develop lasting skills for life with NDGTA Wales.

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At NDGTA, we match businesses of any size and calibre with their ideal apprenticeship candidates, and go to great lengths to ensure that our apprenticeship hire service is seamless and as straightforward as possible. Designed specifically around your business’s unique needs, apprenticeships are an excellent way to expand your workforce, whilst still ensuring your new apprentice is receiving all of the necessary support, training and information they need.

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